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Sat Jul 15 11:42:32 BST 2006

Selam all

This message is being sent to two lists. Since some are not subscribed
at geez dot org yet.  We need to better coordinate this thing.

Thanks Daniel for the reply and i hope some thing worth while will
come about those high almighty world bank, UN and all those
organizations. I know they can make real difference, but making them
move their ever dead slow moving body is a challenge. Though I feel
like a fly trying to push the elephant let us know if we can help in
any way.  Yes that would have been the shortest way of getting to
where we want to, but we can not stop and wait. There is a long narrow
volunteer way and we should keep on moving in mean time until the
beast gets out of the short way.
As i suspected the name of months have problem. So i will just
continue to translate them as they are.
Reminder of guide lines for my self.
1. Keep the name of month as it is pronounced in English.
2. The Accelerator keys are Roman characters at the end of the command
in a braket and _ sign.  eg.(_A)

Ubuntu is coming along nicely. It is really exiting because it gets
better in front of your eyes. Locally it updates it self every day and
the language pack is updated at ubuntu repositories every week. what
ever we translate updated. Every week my copy of ubuntu changes it's
face from English to Amharic magically. I know now how it feels to
give birth. A slow painful but sweet process (stop me people:-).

Have you seen your karma lately??? :-(

I, shewan, fantaw with other Ethiopians help have been trying to lure
people at paltalk to our cause. I realised that there are many
computer professionals who are willing but that we have not utilised
their expertise yet and most other Ethiopians are willing to
contribute as long as they are convinced that it is not beyond their
ability. We have been trying to raise their ability by giving
instructions on how to read and write Amharic on computers and on web.
Once they do that it is a very short road to getting involved on
translation or testing and reviewing. The ideal situation for
reviewing would have been to build an Amharic's live CD and let them
look through it and get feed back from them to determine if what we
translated make sense. Ubuntu makes all that easy and possible.

May be i am aiming too high but making people install an ubuntu with
Amharic environment and update it and get feed back on how it feels.
It certainly is not that much more difficult than installing an e-mail
program on windows system, and most have done that and more.

The most effective way to translate is to import the po file translate
it and upload back to the system. We do not need to translate and
finish it. We can work as much as we can in as much time as we have
for one session and upload it immediately. Though translating online
is easier it is much more slow. I keep on promising myself to write a
መመሪያ on how to do that. If any one of you need an immediate help then
we can meet at paltalk or telephone and guide you through it. thaks to
voip my telephone is free to europe and americas. I use poedit to
UBUNTU!!! That feels good!!!!!

Well this is a complaint to Daniel. Sorry to say but the keyboard
sucks. I got SCIM  with KMFL  working
finally. But some times it does things it should not do. eg. it takes
the last character to the next thing or page or where ever your next
job is if you do not finish it with space. if you try to move the
cursor with the arrow key the characters change in to roman..go

May be Daniel is the only actively engaged professional in the coding
department but he is not the only professional. Can some of you please
respond to this i believe should be easy question? I know there are at
least at least 4 computer professionalise are here.

Sorry I do not mean to put you on the spotlight but we need to do this things.

I think this will be my last request for this week. I wil be quite
busy next week but i will be chacking the the translations and mails.

have a good weekend

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