[ubuntu-ko] 혹시 이 메일 받으신분 또 계신지요? Very unhappy with a Korean font in Karmic

Ki Mok Kwon team1ab at debian.kr
Sun Oct 18 00:25:32 BST 2009

제가 다 했는데요..

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2009/10/17 권혁주 <khj586 at naver.com>

>   받으신 분이 안계시다면 다른분꼐서 답장 부탁드립니다
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> *Subject:* [ubuntu-ko] Very unhappy with a Korean font in Karmic
> Hi!
> Sorry for writing in English, but my Korean isn't that good yet.
> Today I've installed the Karmic Beta, but the main Korean font looks very
> bad. It's not just in nautilus, but also in the Firefox. Often it's hard to
> read the letters at all (see screenshot. Left side on my Jaunty labtop,
> right side on my karmic desktop). Other fonts look fine! Is there anything I
> can do about it? Where do I report this thing?
> Regards from Germany,
> Johannes
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