[ubuntu-ko] Korean keyboard support

Matt Zimmerman mdz at ubuntu.com
Mon Mar 13 11:18:12 GMT 2006

Here at the localization sprint, we are trying to consider the needs of
Korean users regarding keyboard support.  From the
BetterCJKSupportSpecification wiki page, there seem to be two extra keys on
Korean keyboards, which need to be handled by the kernel and by X.  While
this can be done manually using setkeycodes and xmodmap, we want it to work
by default on new installs.

The setkeycodes part will be handled by patching the kernel; no problem

To teach X about these keys, instead of using xmodmap, we should adjust the
XKB configuration.  However, it is not clear which XKB settings are used by
Korean users.  It looks like in a default Korean install, the user will end
up with a US layout keyboard.  Is this correct?  Or do Korean users
customize /etc/X11/xorg.conf after install to get correct settings?  Are
there XKB files for Korean keyboards which are available?

If Korean users have a distinct type of keyboard, we should add a
description of it to xkeyboard-config, and arrange for the installer to set
this up automatically.

To do this, we need help from Korean users.  Can you tell us how you
configure these settings?

 - mdz

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