Orange 3G+ modem

Kinuthia Muchane muchanek at
Thu Mar 31 21:48:04 UTC 2011


@Alex you are so abrupt and to the point have you ever read Ludlum's  
"Matarese Circle?"

Yes, I do have a problem. Not with the configuration on Ubuntu, not one bit.
I am using weaver dial aka wvdial. By the way, is there another dialer 
on Linux?

Wvdial is always telling me my modem is down,  but when I switch over to 
Xp it
connects immediately, but of course not at the advertised speeds!!

But sometimes I get connected on Linux.
  Is there a way to overcome the "Carrier not found",  message.

I call customer care(the  millionth time?) and they,shame on them, ask 
me for a landmark from where I am calling from, after a wading though 
swamp full of crocodiles euphemistically(I learnt the word jana, I have 
to use it!) known as CC agents!  Hmmmm...

Surprise, surprise I bought a 1GB bundle the other day, but 8 days later 
I do not know the chunk of that bundle
  I have consumed because their 131 sms number never responds, at least 
for my modem. But when I send an SMS to any other
charged number,, *I could swear here!* They charge me and promptly send 
an updated message on my credit!

Which, by the way, are two separate accounts.


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