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Tue Dec 16 14:08:33 GMT 2008

Thanks everyone who's trying to help.

Here are the details:
The CDs I have were shipped to me from Ubuntu earlier in the year. It says on the sleeve: "Ubuntu 7.10 for your PC"
The other one says "Ubuntu 7.10 for your 64-bit PC". I am using the one that's not 64 bit.

Now when I slot it into the drive and reboot, I get options the first of which is to install Ubuntu. The other choices such as checking the integrity of the CD, loading Ubuntu from the CD just to see how it looks are working fine. When I select the Install option, this is what I get:

*starting deferred execution scheduler atd                              [ok]
*starting perioding command scheduler crond                         [ok]

*cheking battery state...                                                       [ok]
*Running local boot scripts (/etc/rc.local)                               [ok]

And then the curser just blinks right there for ever.

The machine is Compaq cq60 with Vista home basic

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Is this the "busybox - initramfs" prompt? Do you see those words
anywhere when you're dropped to the command line?

I've seen this before. Normally when your CD drive cannot be detected
so the Ubuntu Live CD cannot boot. What you normally have to do in
this situation is load the CD driver manually.

At the prompt, type the following:

modprobe ide_core
modprobe ide_generic
modprobe ide_disk
modprobe ide_cd

After typing "exit" the system should boot and you can continue to the live CD.


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> Hallo,
> Merry Christmas everyone.
> Kindly assist me on this one. I bought a new machine with vista home and I have every intention of using Ubuntu on it. i would like to keep the windows though and have managed to shrink the volume to create an unpartitioned space. When I slot in my ubuntu CD that was mailed to me (version 7.10) and restarted the machine, all I get is a command line. I havent the foggiest idea what to do with it. Info on the net seems to suggest that the live CDs come with an installer but I'm not sure how to get it to fire.
> I have almost no experience with linux. I've only used it from time to time
> Kagwe
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