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Fri Mar 16 14:56:31 GMT 2007

Hi all,

I joined this list today this morning and I am glad I did considering 
what I am just reading below. 

Separately, I like "Ubuntu Community Council" at the new-look


Alex Gakuru

Andrew Mathenge <mathenge at> wrote: Hi Ronald,

I apologise that my participation has been absent. I'm currently out of the country (in Canada) on a contract. I should be returning to Kenya sometime in mid-2008 when my time is up. If there's anything that I can do from out here, I'd appreciate keeping my membership on the list. Since I received this post, I'm assuming that I have not been dropped. 

With regard to the IRC meeting, 3PM local time is 8AM out here. I won't be available at that time but I'd appreciate reading a transcript of the meeting if that can be made available.

Hoping you have a successful, productive meeting on the 25th. 

Andrew Mathenge.

On 3/16/07, ronald odero <ronaldodero at> wrote: Hi,
We are holding this next meeting with the aim of being more organized and focused than in the previous meetings we've heard before. I will delve deep into matters of the meeting, first here are some reminders though; 
  1. I have shortened the members' list to only the active ones (those whose names I removed are not even on the mailing list).
  2. If you receive this message, please add your name to the member's list if you are not yet listed (or ask for help if you are unable). 
  3. I urge us all to move from being just mere team members but be a mastermind group for Ubuntu in Kenya.
  4. For every new member that joins the team, let's each one take time to welcome him or her.
  5. As the loco team leader, I'm expected to remind you of the Ubuntu Code of Conduct (
  6. As an ideal mastermind group, let's be non-competitive, open and honest about our strengths, be willing to  contribute our expertise freely and able to keep confidences.
  7. Finally, I would like to announce it to you all that I would like to relinquish the leadership position after we have been inducted to the official loco team list (which is my main goal). 

About the meeting, here are some proposals that I have come up with:
  1. Our next meeting is on 25th march 2007.
  2. All our official meetings will be held every 2 weeks starting at 3PM local time and to last for two to two and a half hours. The two weeks in between in between is to allow members to time to implement ideas, give birth to new ideas discussed during the  previous meeting, develop new ideas to introduce to the team and identify issues and questions to raise at the next meeting. 
 - To get the most out of the limited time, however, it is important that each member to address others succinctly and listen receptively.
  3. One member to volunteer to be  forwarding our discussions to the ScribesTeam (
  4.Finally , we will need one person to be the facilitator, to keep the process organized, focused and moving toward solutions.

If you have any proposals feel free to email them, I will cover more on the meeting  next week.

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