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David Scannell davehat at
Wed Feb 28 14:38:02 GMT 2007

For those who may not know, national Ubuntu Kenya LoCo team meetings are
currently held every other Sunday from 3pm (GMT+3) on #ubuntu-ke on 

If anyone is not sure how to attend, please reply to this email (and the
list, if you like) and one of us may be able to give pointers on how to

The next meeting, as Ronald mentions, is this Sunday (4th March). Please
try to get in the room as close to 3pm as possible as some people will
be time limited - the last meeting finished around 6pm with one attendee
being chased out of an internet cafe!

It may also give you some cheer that the last meeting resulted in more
people chatting in #ubuntu-ke than at any other time in its short
history - a total of 5 people showed up. 

I would hope we can muster a couple more this time, but 5 people is well
up on the usual number in the room - none, me, or zsh :)



PS, no one showed up on #ubuntu-ke last Sunday to discuss the article we
are drafting! As a result, we'll have to chat about it some other time
(preferably outside of the next meeting). All interested in helping
draft an article, please email this list (except Ronald and Ken, coz
they're already writing it)

On Tue, 2007-02-27 at 20:37 -0800, ronald odero wrote:

> Hi,
> We are having our next national IRC meeting this Sunday, I'm calling
> for a more committed attendance from all of you. I have a feeling that
> we haven't done much as expected this year and  I think this is what
> we have to  discuss.
> Ronald. 
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