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Hi all,
First, apology for not attending the IRC meeting on Sunday coz i had an exam at the university. 
Second, the SFD expo is on the 14th and climax on the 15th of September. But as for now, the email i sent to the organizers ( Linux  Professional Association of Kenya) asking for participation has not yet been replied, even after Canonical being the sponsor and also the team's supplier of the resources. I'm not making any speculation but I'm still chasing the matter coz it has been over a week since I sent the email.I promise a more detailed report on Thursday.
About the Ubuntu T-shirts, I managed to get the best possible person at the best possible price that could print the logo for us. The printing will be done through screen printing. Now, there are some points I would like to make clear;
    1. Printing a t-shirt costs 750/= ( taking into account designing the screen, the size and colors of the logo)
     2. Printing a second t-shirt will cost lesser because the same screen will be used again.
     3. If we print 10 shirts, the cost will be about 1,100/= coz of the screen and the number of colors ( assuming we want it at the front).

I have already ordered one to be printed and I'm yet to see it if it's satisfactorily of the standard we would want.
For this matter, it would be important if we meet and start discussing this coz you all realize that it will be cheaper, also we should agree on the color of the t-shirts (black or white or gray e.tc.).

I'm also chasing on the banner coz my boss promised me one besides some sponsors willing to donate shirts. All of the above is debatable through the mailing list.
PS-check out the following sites:

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