kiswahili translation

Tony White tony.mzungu at
Sun Apr 22 17:13:39 BST 2007


Futher to today's meeting - and just a thought:

Just as there is US English, UK English, Australian English etc. -
there may be a case for 'Kenya Kiswahili' which may well have
differences from 'Tanzania Kiswahili' (or Uganda, Rwanda, whatever).

I don't know how this fits in - but I do see the need - I pity the
average Rwandan trying to understand Kiswahili of Tanzania -
especially the 'University Contrived' stuff (both from Dar and UoN -
the linguists want to translate everything - even to the extent of
inventing new words)

Let's be pragmatic, and produce a translation that the average
kiswahili speaker can understand - and try to avoid the linguist's


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