An Introduction

David Scannell davehat at
Thu Oct 26 09:49:32 BST 2006

Hi there ubuntu using Kenyans,

I contacted Roland last month and expressed interest in helping out with the
Kenya LoCo team, so I thought I'd say hi to the rest of you. I'm not sure
exactly how I can help yet - I'm in Kisumu and I think the bulk of you are
in Nairobi.

I have a DVD/CD burner, so I guess you can point people to me if anyone in
Nyanza/Western needs a live/alternate install CD/DVD burning. My background
is sales/marketing, so I may be able to help out there too. 

Lastly, I'm just about geeky enough to proffer help in assisting people if
they need it. I use an AMD 64 machine, so if anyone else does and wants some
tips about fixing things (like, how to get browser plugins -
flash/shockwave/acroreader - working on unsupported architecture by using
wine), hopefully I can help.

For now then, hi and bye.


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