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Wed Feb 11 09:20:29 GMT 2009

I decided to quit all IT related activities and go back to the awesome
couples, pen and paper.

Jophp will be handled by Faisal Al-Dajani - Faisal has been an active
member in that group, although that group has never been active :-)

JoLug will be handled by both Khamis Al-Siksek and Faisal Al-Dajani
(Please note that Faisal was converted by the dark side into a Mac
user but no, he's not infidel) .

Khamis has always been squeezed with family and work but that never
stopped him from being one of the most active contributers,
instructors and leaders and now he's the only running process out of
the processes that was initiated when the lug started, all died but
not Khamis.

Ubuntu Jordan LoCo Team,
I will remain the team contact until I make sure that everything will
be handed properly in both sides, Ubuntu Community & the new Contact &
Khamis & Faisal will be the new leader and contact of Ubuntu Jordan LoCo team.

We thought of giving it to one of the active uni teams but we are
afraid of having the team as a uni concentrated one instead of country
wide, however if any of the active contributers in universities is
interested the door is open to be active with the team as Ubuntu-Jo
within his/her university and outside.

Ubuntu Arabic team will also be handed to someone but for this
particular team the decision is not only mine, most likely Khamis will
take it but probably will be shared with one of Ubuntu Members.

If anyone is interested in helping the current even committee in
running one or more of the groups online and offline, should contact
them directly.

Wada3an, good-bye, bye bye, pip pip, farewell, cheerio

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