June Activity - REMINDER

Seif Attar iam at seifattar.net
Wed Jun 25 10:20:07 BST 2008


On Mon, 2008-06-23 at 20:48 +0300, Jad/Hakam madi wrote:

> > Khamis,
> > It's so disappointing specially when we are not assigning tasks but
> > asking people to volunteer, people should be committed to what they
> > promised to do.
> > 
> > I know that many would feel like a silly salesman walking in the
> > street and distributing CDs but if that's the issue then we have
> > serious issue.
Maybe it's the heat people are afraid of!  :)  it doesn't need to be a sunny place! it can be done in an air conditioned place, i think! 

Besides, what better way to pick up girls!  ;) 

Seif A.

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