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Seif Attar iam at seifattar.net
Fri Apr 25 11:42:14 BST 2008

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Jad madi wrote:
| Maybe we can arrange for Dinner at Hashm and Knafeh at habiba instead
| of partying at NAI or Kanabayeh ;)

:S and i was wondering why i am not getting any mail on the ubuntu-jo
list, somehow i messed up my imap filters, and the emails sent to this
list were archived immediatley. so sorry for starting the suggestion
and then leaving! I liked the idea of Hashim and kanafeh, I dont think
you need a lot of attendants to have a release party, it's just a
bunch of ubuntu users getting together and eating knafeh b hal
munasabeh il taybeh! you can still go Habiba togniht! and create the
ubuntu logo with knafeh plates! :)

| 2008/4/21 Omar <omar.the.pythoner at gmail.com>:
|> Lol, yeah, unfortunately that's true Jad. :-)
|>  But ya know what I'm thinking? I think it'll be great if we at
least try
|>  to celebrate the release of Hardy Heron in our way.
|>  I'm not sure how, but maybe we could come up with a nice idea for an
|>  event, or something that we guarantee that there will be as many
|>  attendants as possible. And of course, the best way to guarantee
that is
|>  by adding a nice taste of mansaf to the party!--> LOL, just
kidding.. :)
|>  I mean, for example, the Linux Festival that was held in 29, December
|>  2007 wasn't bad at all. In fact, it was amazing! :D
|>  I don't mean that you should redo it once again, but maybe something
|>  similar to it.
|>  And if you guys wanna listen to me, I personally believe that the
|>  release of Hardy Heron can be a great chance for us to spread the
|>  Philosophy to more and more people. Because in my opinion, we need the
|>  Ubuntu philosophy not only in software and computing, but we need
it in
|>  everything in our lives. Am I right guys?
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