The Yarmouk University Linux, and FOSS, workshop(or conference) plan. [RESURRECTED]

Jad madi jad at
Tue Apr 15 05:23:59 BST 2008

We will be discussing Yarmouk event in our next meeting, join us if
you want to contribute .

2008/4/14 Omar <omar.the.pythoner at>:
> As'salamu Alaikom Wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Barakatoh.
>  Good afternoon dear JoLUGers and Linux users in each and every inch or
>  Jordan, and the world of course.
>  A couple of weeks back (maybe even months, I'm not sure), I asked for
>  help and support in holding a Linux and FOSS conference in the
>  university of Yarmouk. And after I found out that it's kinda not going
>  to work, I decided to give up on it and forget about the whole thing.
>  But today, my instructor, Prof. Qasem Radaideh saw me holding a book
>  about Python, and he told me that he's ready to help me arrange for a
>  conference and about Python, and I told that Linux is more important
>  now, and he said it's okay, and was welling to start discussing the
>  idea.
>  And, now I'm kindly asking you to back me up. I'm not saying that you
>  adopt the whole thing, because I know it's not as easy as it might
>  sound. But I'm just asking if you could just back me up with ideas and
>  material.
>  And of course, it'll be just great if anyone of you can come down to
>  Yarmouk University as a guest in order to participate in the conference.
>  For example, if Mr. Khamis Seksik, or Mr. Jad Madi, or any of the
>  respectful Linux and FOSS professionals, can arrange to give it a small
>  visit down to Yarmouk University, to help in giving a rich, exciting and
>  excellent presentation about the following main points:
>  1. What is Linux?
>  2. Why should people try Linux?
>  3. What are the main differences between Linux and other operating
>  systems such as Windows and Mac OS?
>  4. What is the FOSS philosophy?
>  5. What are the main goals of the FOSS philosophy?
>  6. How does the FOSS people make money?
>  7. How can we contribute to the FOSS community?
>  NOTE: This list is just a suggestion and can be modified to better fit
>  the goals of the conference.
>  Please do your best to help me as much as you can in making this
>  conference as good and rich as possible.
>  And remember, anything we do to support Linux and the FOSS community
>  will not only benefit us, in fact, it will benefit the entire kingdom!
>  With my very best wishes, regards and salutes to each and every one of
>  you.
>  --
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