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Walter Valenti waltervalenti a yahoo.it
Mar 21 Mar 2006 13:46:29 GMT

> Segnalo le seguenti variabili d'ambiente, dorebbero fare al caso tuo.
>     How often (in seconds) that the shell should check for mail in the
> 	files specified in the MAILPATH or MAIL variables. The default is
> 	60 seconds. When it is time to check for mail, the shell does so
> 	before displaying the primary prompt. If this variable is unset,
> 	or set to a value that is not a number greater than or equal to
> 	zero, the shell disables mail checking.
>     If this parameter is set to a filename and the MAILPATH variable
> 	is not set, Bash informs the user of the arrival of mail in the
> 	specified file.
>     A colon-separated list of filenames which the shell
> 	periodically checks for new mail. Each list entry can specify
> 	the message that is printed when new mail arrives in the mail
> 	file by separating the file name from the message with a `?'.
> 	When used in the text of the message, $_ expands to the name
> 	of the current mail file.
> Ciao

Non sembra funzionare.
Ho settato:

ma non funziona.

(Non mi notifica nulla quando apro una shell)


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Utilizza alternativamente documenti in formato OpenDocument.

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