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Thomas Ward teward at
Mon May 31 20:11:55 UTC 2021

On 5/27/21 10:19 AM, Serge Hallyn (ubuntu) wrote:
> On Wed, May 26, 2021 at 12:32:20AM -0500, José Antonio Rey wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> As many of you might have heard, the freenode IRC network changed
>> management a couple of days ago [1], in what I personally identify as a
>> hostile takeover. As part of that, the Ubuntu IRC Council, supported by the
>> Community Council, published a resolution [2] suggesting the move to Libera
>> Chat. The former IRC Council and their successors immediately started
>> working on moving our channels, users, and tooling over to Libera Chat.
>> As of around 3:00 UTC today, freenode’s new management believed that our
>> channel topics and messaging pointing users in the right direction were
>> outside of their policy, and rather than consulting with the IRC Council,
>> they performed yet another hostile takeover [3], this time of the Ubuntu
>> namespaces, including flavors, as well as other spaces from projects who
>> were also using freenode for communication.
> Is that not a trademark issue?

If this is a trademark issue, then it goes far beyond the IRC Council 
and into the Legal side of things to handle, and it's up to Canonical to 
determine if there's a trademark issue at play.

(I asked Monica of the Community Team at Canonical to forward this to 
Katherine at Canonical Legal so she can read up on things, but by no 
means is this an official statement either way - I just simply forwarded 
this over.)


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