IRC Council Election: Voting Open

rww rww at
Tue May 11 02:13:26 UTC 2021


The voting period for the IRC Council election has now started. Members
of the "Ubuntu IRC members" team on Launchpad are eligible to vote.

Previously, we ran these elections through the CIVS platform. While
setting up this election, we discovered that CIVS recently moved to an
opt-in model due to abuse of their platform. Continuing to use them
would mean a more complicated voting process with more steps for voters,
so we have opted instead to use the other approved system for delegated
council voting: Launchpad polls.

If you are a member of the Launchpad team, you may access the poll
through this link:

The membership list for "Ubuntu IRC members" is at:

If you are on the membership list, are unable to vote in the poll, and
need assistance, please drop by #ubuntu-irc-council on freenode.


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