Important: freenode services cleanup scheduled for this weekend!

Melissa Draper melissa at
Thu Apr 9 22:56:44 UTC 2020

Hello folks!

We do hope this message reaches you all well and safe. If you haven't been
on IRC in a while and you find yourself with some spare time before the
weekend, then now would be a great time to come back and say hi!

This weekend coming freenode is doing a services cleanup. We're sending
this message out in case you haven't been on IRC since the announcements
about this started.

If you have inactive grouped nicks or alt accounts or whatever that you
want to keep, you'll want to take action to avoid them being dropped:

As usual for channels within the Ubuntu namespaces, if the above causes
channels to become founderless or otherwise have ACL issues, please reach
out to the IRC Council in #ubuntu-irc-council and we'll take a look.

(On behalf of the IRCC)
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