Core Channel Operator Appointments, December 2019

rww rww at
Sun Dec 22 01:05:08 UTC 2019


Following discussion by the IRC Council, the following people are appointed as operators on various Ubuntu channels. Congratulations to everyone appointed, and welcome to our new team members :)

All pending requests for access to Ubuntu core channels that aren't listed below have been declined. The IRC Council reviews requests periodically and adds new operators based on channel need, demonstrated behavior and availability of applicants, and various other considerations. If you have questions about specific operator approval decisions, please contact the IRC Council mailing list.

= New core channel operators =
* Eickmeyer (appointed to #ubuntustudio)
* teward (appointed to #ubuntu-server)

The above appointments of new core channel operators are subject to a six-month probationary period, and will be reviewed by the IRC Council during and/or after the probationary period.

= Existing core channel operators with new access =
* hggdh (appointed to #ubuntu, #ubuntu-server)
* krytarik (appointed to #ubuntu)
* dax (appointed to #ubuntu-server)

On behalf of Ubuntu IRC Council,
rww / dax

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