IRC Council Call for Nominations (2018)

Neal Bussett neal at
Sun Aug 19 23:40:00 UTC 2018

Hello again everyone!

This is just a reminder that IRCC nominations will close in
approximately a day and a half.  If you're waiting until the last minute
to submit your nomination, that time has come!

See below for all the details (and excuse the top-post).


On Sun, Jul 29, 2018 at 08:51:54PM -0700, Neal Bussett wrote:
> Howdy all,
> The IRC Council has three members whose two-year terms are ending.  This
> means it is now election season.  The expiring council members are:
>  * hggdh (C de-Avillez)
>  * Tm_T (Jussi Kekkonen)
>  * Unit193 (Unit 193)
> Members remaining on the IRC Council are:
>  * elky (Melissa Draper)
>  * Flannel (Neal Bussett)
> Details about the IRC Council and its charter may be viewed here:
> Council members serve a two-year term and may stand for multiple terms.
> All Ubuntu Members are welcome to apply.  To nominate yourself, create a
> section on your wiki page and announce it and your candidacy to the IRC
> Team mailing list (ubuntu-irc at  Nominations are open
> through August 20th, approximately three weeks from now.
> If you're not an Ubuntu Member but believe you meet the criteria to be
> one, then visit and learn
> how to apply.
> Voting is open to everyone who is a member of the "Ubuntu IRC members"
> team on launchpad (  If you
> are an Ubuntu Member and wish to become a member of the Ubuntu IRC
> Members team, contact the IRC Council.
> Details of the election process (as explained on the wiki page):
>  1. An open call-for-nominations will be announced in the IRC community. 
>  2. Nominees should create a section on their wiki page for this
>     election.  This can include your work for the community, thoughts,
> 	testimonials from others, etc.
>  3. To formally submit your nomination, send an email to the IRC Team
>     mailing list including a link to your wiki page.
>  4. When the nomination period has ended, the IRC Council will review
>     the applications and submit them to the Community Council for
> 	review.
>  5. The Community Council will identify a shortlist for the board and
>     circulate the list publicly for feedback from the community.
>  6. Elections will be held to vote from the candidates in the short
>     list.  Members of the Ubuntu IRC Members Team are eligible to vote.
>  7. The Community Council will finalize the appointments.
> If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out to me,
> elky, or the whole IRC Council.
> On behalf of the IRC Council,
> Neal

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