Ubuntu IRCC Nominations 2016

Melissa Draper melissa at ubuntu.com
Fri Jan 15 08:17:28 UTC 2016

Hi all,

The current IRC council has 3 members whose 2 year terms are ending. This
means it is now election season.

Details about the IRC Council and its charter may be viewed here
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil. Council members normally serve a
two year term, and may stand for multiple terms.

>From the wiki page the election process is as follows:

Elections of new IRC Council members will be held in the following way:

* An open call for nominations should be announced in the IRC Community,
and people can nominate themselves for a seat on the council. Everyone is
welcome to apply.
* To apply for a seat the candidate creates a Wiki page outlining their
work in the community, and inviting others to provide testimonials.
* When the application deadline has passed, the IRC Council will review the
applications and provide feedback on the candidates for the Community
Council to review.
* The Community Council will identify a shortlist for the board and
circulate the list publically for feedback from the community.
* The shortlist identified by the Community Council will be voted upon by
team members as described at CommunityCouncil/Delegation. Members of the
Ubuntu IRC Members Team are eligible to vote.
* The Community Council will then finalize the appointment of IRC Council

As you may have guessed, this is our call for nominations. Please feel free
to nominate yourself, and remember to talk to others who you intend to
nominate first.

All ubuntu members are welcome to apply. If you're not a member but believe
you meet the criteria to be one, then visit
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/NewMember and learn how to make it
happen. IRC contributions are highly regarded in the search for IRC Council
members, but are not essential.

To nominate yourself, create a wiki page for yourself and announce it and
your candidacy on the IRC team mailing list. Nominations will be open
through to 14 February, 2016, when a full list of applicants will be
forwarded to the Community Council for checking. If there are more
qualified applicants than positions, a vote will be announced to take place
at the end of February.

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