IRC Council Election Results

Neal Bussett neal at
Mon Apr 4 08:07:59 UTC 2016

Hello Everyone.

Thank you all for your participation in a successful election process.
Three candidates were chosen from a field of five for a two-year term.

The poll has ended and the results are available here:

Please welcome Unit193 to the IRCC and congratulate hggdh and Tm_T on
their re-elections.
Also, please thank Na3iL and rww for their candidacy.  I encourage them
both to run again in the future.

The IRCC now comprises:
* elky
* Flannel
* hggdh
* Tm_T
* Unit193

Pici's tenure on the council is ending.  Pici has been on the IRCC (this
time) since early 2012.  Please join me in thanking Pici for all his
hard work and dedication.

Thanks again to everyone who participated.


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