#ubuntu banlist

Robert Wall robert at rww.name
Tue Nov 18 06:21:14 UTC 2014

Hello folks,

The banlist in #ubuntu is getting rather full. If you're an #ubuntu
op, please take some time to look in Bantracker *as soon as possible*
at the list of bans and quiets you have set. Please clean up any that
do not need to be set, and comment any that do. I have provided
details in #ubuntu-ops-team, and can provide assistance with BT
searching and other such things by email or in PM if needed (or ask in
#ubuntu-ops-team if you'd prefer).

While the banlist is not yet full, it is important that you look into
this *as soon as possible* to avoid us hitting limits.

As a reminder, the current total maximum number of bans, quiets,
ban-exempts, and invexes we can have set is 500 (this is increased
from the normal limit of 100, and we have way more bans set than most
channels our size). That we are hitting 500 bans (and not for the
first time) reflects badly on our banlist management skills, and is a
problem that needs to be fixed.

Once you're done cleaning up, I would like us to consider methods of
avoiding this situation in the future that do not include "one or two
ops get fed up of the banlist being almost full and spend hours
aggressively pruning it by themselves".



Robert Wall <robert at rww.name>

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