Open Week Session Invite

José Antonio Rey jose at
Mon Mar 31 04:14:07 UTC 2014

Hello, world!

On behalf of the Classroom team, I would like to invite any of you
interested on running an Open Week session to give us a hand with the event.

The Ubuntu Open Week is a series of online-based sessions where
different people from many teams across the community explain what they
do on their teams, as well as encourage people to contribute to it and
explain the steps to follow in order to start contributing.

I would be very excited to see a session about contributing to the IRC
team, maybe something like 'How to contribute (even if you're not an

Sessions will run from the 22nd Apr to the 24th Apr, from 15 to 20 each
day. If you are interested on running a session for the IRC team or any
other team, please let me know by sending me an email or pinging me (I'm
jose on

Thanks in advance!

José Antonio Rey

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