My status with regards to the Ubuntu IRC Team

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Thu Feb 27 04:41:52 UTC 2014

Tonight the IRC Council has deliberated, after discussing the matter 
me, to remove my operator status from all core channels I had access 
and my membership within the relevant teams.

An agreement on a way to "move forward" (to use a term that seems to 
become popular) was not found. I was faced with choosing between 
my behavior in a few more-or-less specific ways and being forced to 
the team.
I thought, even though the discussion was long, trying and tiring at 
for the parties directly involved, we were finally headed somewhere, 
then Alan Bell interjected and acted in a way that made it clear to me
that there wasn't actually any space for a real choice from me, but
instead, the choice was only virtual and I was left with only one
realistic option - to be made to leave.

I am, of course, perfectly aware that my behavior during the past weeks
(especially since the FloodBots were retired) has been very hard to 
and I'm certainly not defending many of the ways I (re)acted as being
generally speaking "appropriate".

At the same time, I am firmly of the opinion that many of the team's
behaviors and actions were, though sometimes less blatantly vocal, 
on par in terms of inappropriateness, and in most cases worse in terms 
personal respect.

Some of the people who have responded to the previous mailing list 
have seemed to agree on how my previous discussion with the IRCC had
sounded like a "trial"; well, if I was on trial, I can only say the 
at large was at least as much on trial from my own point of view.

I was still hoping the IRCC could take a direction towards changing 
in bolder ways, and not just get rid of the most inconvenient member.
It is attractive, I'm sure, to go for the easiest route that will solve
things in the short term, but can the IRCC say in good conscience that
this was something done in the spirit of the CoC (as opposed to 
about "evidence of CoC violations" etc)?

I am including, as usual, the transcripts of the discussion I had with 
IRCC, and stressing that people interested take the time to read it, 
though it's long and everything. Make sure you check at least the part
where I lay out some points, ask for them to be answered twice (but
unsuccessfully), and then whey they finally get answered, Alan Bell 
in and wants me to own up to an "error" I made by having a legally
void piece of text in some code.

For dramatization, I'm also linking to the part where I'm actually made
to leave the operator channels. You didn't want to miss the juice, did

Bye Bye, it was nice being an op from 2006 to 2014, with some 

... sometimes.

by LjL
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