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Tue Feb 25 21:12:21 UTC 2014

Il 25.02.2014 21:22 Benjamin Kerensa ha scritto:

> On 2/25/14, 9:46 AM, C de-Avillez wrote:
>> On Tue, Feb 25, 2014 at 9:41 AM, Benjamin Kerensa wrote:
>>> I'd also like to add that there was some language in the logs that
>>> seemed rude and inconsistent with the CoC especially on an official
>>> channel.
>> I do not see this as a problem -- this was a conversation between 
>> the
>> IRCC and LjL, *not* on a "common" channel. Leeway is expected (and I
>> would even say required).
> Even if it was a done in private the fact that the discussion was of
> an official nature that being the IRCC a governance board engaging a
> member on a topic relevant to something relating to the community
> there should have been adherence to the CoC.

Uhm, I'm unclear on whether you're "language" blame is being placed on
the IRCC, myself, or both... but I feel compelled to point out that
I really don't have a problem using words that can be considered
"swearwords" in contexts where they're not explicitly disallowed, and
that is in fact a good example of the "substance over form" problem I
mentioned in the posted logs.

I felt offended and insulted by some of the content that was being
directed at me, but I really had no problem with the language forms
the IRCC used, and while I am aware I used some "four-letter words"
myself, in this case I really fail to see how that matters... at all.

This may be just a misunderstanding, but for clarity, can we agree that
it is, or should be, much more important, and in the spirit of the CoC
(which doesn't directly talk about "language", anyway, I believe) to
be considerate of others at a much deeper level than the language
register one chooses as appropriate to the circumstances?

by LjL
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