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Alan Bell alanbell at
Tue Feb 25 19:35:42 UTC 2014

personal views, not an IRCC groupthink thing . . .

On 25/02/14 04:43, ljlbox at wrote:
> Tonight, I've given up the Ubuntu membership I acquired in 2007.
> It was a decision that came after several events where feelings
> were involved, though I consider one thing a climax in particular,
> and it is when I was asked by the IRC Council to join their
> #ubuntu-irc-council channel to discuss some things.
> The way I see what happened goes like this:
> - I was asked "what I was going to do", then reassured it wasn't
>   a "trial" or attempt to "oust" me when I was perplexed at what
>   that question was even intended to mean
Well from my perspective, I kinda wanted to know what you were going to 
do because I wasn't sure, so that is the question I asked. I am not very 
good at subtle communications, so you can read what I say and expect my 
intent to line up fairly closely with what I say.
> - I was more explicitly asked to explain how I thought "my
>   position as an op was tenable", while still being reassured
>   it was not anything resembling a "trial"
yes, that question had been raised, so I asked you what you thought of 
it. It wasn't a trial, it was a chat about what you wanted to do, and we 
were letting you know that there were questions about your role in the team.
> - eventually it was made a fair bit clearer that the whole thing
>   was, in fact, spawned by complaints about needing to "do some-
>   thing" about my terrible attitude, and by the "recent event"
>   (deciding to take rww's suggestion to remove the FloodBots)
that was indeed what it was about, I am sorry if that wasn't clear from 
the start.
> - I explained how I thought my position was quite tenable, and,
>   on the other hand, how some other people's position wasn't so
>   much
which answered the question I was asking, you said you wanted to remain 
part of the team. I was kinda hoping that you would remain part of the team.
> - I was basically told that the discussion was over, and when I
>   almost begged the members who were clearest about it being over
>   to at least explain how they thought they could reconcile their
>   trial-style questions with all the reassurances they gave me
>   about it being only a discussion, I was only met with their
>   silence.
Well speaking for myself, I have been somewhat offline/inattentive for 
the last couple of weeks due to external factors. Sorry about that. I 
was left with the impression that you wanted to be a part of the team. 
Having seen some of the conversations since then, it doesn't look like 
that is still the case.
> has full logs of the discussion,
> which I've been authorized to provide. Those of you who are actually
> serious about the idea of a community where people's feelings and
> motivations matters, please read these logs, even though they're long.
yes, it wasn't an easy conversation, we would all rather that there was 
no cause to have such a conversation.
> As to the people who've expressed their support towards me during
> the past months: thank you. Now please also consider speaking up
> right here, because I know you were more numerous than the "3 or 4"
> people who complained about me that the IRCC mentioned.
> Maybe you are less numerous now, after me acting so vocally, but
> remember what you thought about my stances.
any further information or suggestions on a way forward would be most 
welcome, I don't want anyone to think their voice shouldn't be heard. I 
have to say I am a bit puzzled by many aspects of what is going on 
still, I know it is causing a lot of people to not be having fun, and 
when Free Software isn't fun it becomes work.
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