Call for operators

Alan Bell alanbell at
Mon Apr 14 11:33:16 UTC 2014

quite right, we have been a bit behind on this process, but we will 
conclude it at the team meeting on Wednesday at 18:00 UTC
The applicants in the queues are as follows, please provide any feedback 
to the IRCC, ideally in advance of the meeting on Wednesday.

**** Team **** #ubuntu+1 IRC Operators Yafeat Alemayhu
**** Team **** #ubuntu IRC Operators Aaron Farias C. F. Howlett harris holstein Paul Mellors Rob Tongue Yafeat Alemayhu

**** Team **** #ubuntu-offtopic IRC Operators IdleOne Justin Sinkula Paul Mellors

**** Team **** #ubuntu-server IRC Operators Leigh Sanders Rob Tongue

**** Team **** #ubuntustudio IRC Operators C. F. Howlett Jimmy Sjölund Kaj Ailomaa

**** Team **** #ubuntu-devel IRC Operators Aaron Farias Valorie Zimmerman


On 12/04/14 05:28, Rob Tongue wrote:
> On 03/19/2014 08:50 PM, Alan Bell wrote:
>> We are currently at step 2, the call for operators. This starts a 1 
>> week review process where existing operators are invited to discuss 
>> the candidates and provide feedback, for reference the queues looked 
>> like this earlier today: feedback 
>> may be provided through any of the normal means of contacting the 
>> IRCC, mailing list, public channels, the #ubuntu-irc-council channel 
>> or any RFC 1149 compliant procedure.
> Just wondering how this is going.... There was a 1 week review process 
> starting on 3/19/14.  That is nearing a month ago.    I have also been 
> having email issues, so if I missed some emails, I apologize.
>  - phunyguy

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