vUDS session on the subject of IRC

Alan Bell alanbell at
Tue Mar 5 09:43:34 UTC 2013

Hi all,

as you will have seen we have a surprise bonus Ubuntu Developer Summit, 
this time taking place entirely in cyberspace, specifically in Google's 
video conferencing hangout space. The schedule is available here: and there are IRC channels set up for 
each "room". You will need a launchpad account and a Google account to 
participate in any sessions, but you don't need a Google account to 
watch the live video.

We have a session booked tomorrow at 14:00 UTC to discuss the plan for 
the IRC team over the next period

We have been thinking of doing some Google Plus hangouts involving the 
IRC team so this is a great opportunity to give that a go. Please if you 
want to participate (that is talk) do have a test of the hangouts with 
someone else to check your microphone and headphones are working fine. A 
microphone built into a laptop isn't a great idea if you are planning to 
type and talk. Headphones are a good idea to cut down feedback. I don't 
know how many people will be able to join at such short notice, but if 
you are able then it would be great to see you.


I work at

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