call for operators

Martin Schulz mschulz45 at
Tue May 8 21:24:45 UTC 2012

I'm helping out in #ubuntu for some time while my private studys
go on and could apply on that.

Martin Schulz
mschulz45 at

Nick DasEi

On 04.05.2012 22:51, Alan Bell wrote:
> The IRCC is now taking applications for a number of new operator
> positions across several channels.
>  * #ubuntu
>  * #ubuntu-offtopic
>  * #kubuntu
>  * #kubuntu-offtopic
>  * #edubuntu
>  * #ubuntu-mythtv
>  * #xubuntu
>  * #xubuntu-offtopic
>  * #ubuntu-bots
>  * #ubuntustudio
>  * #ubuntu-server
>  * #lubuntu
>  * #lubuntu-offtopic
> (that is everything except #ubuntu-meeting #ubuntu-ops #ubuntu+1 which
> have slightly different rules)
> If you’re active on our IRC channels and you are available, and if
> you’ve been aching to help, you should consider applying! You might
> get your chance if:
> * You are great at resolving conflicts
> * You are very patient. Superhuman nerve control is a basic IRC
> operator feature
> * You can take criticism
> * You are happy when helping and advising others
> * In addition to the Code of Conduct
> and our IRC Guidelines
>, you are happy to also
> adhere to the Leadership Code of Conduct
> and the
> Operator Guidelines
> In general, please do not consider becoming an operator because it
> could be “fun”. It is not, it’s hard work. However, it is often quite
> rewarding, and you get to operate with a great team of people. You
> don’t need to be an IRC guru, but you do need to know enough to be
> able to learn more.
> Please be aware that *many* applicants will not become operators for
> various reasons. This will not necessarily be because we think you
> would make a bad operator. Only a limited number of operators are ever
> needed, some timezones are better covered already than others, and so
> on. We are particularly interested in applications from people who are
> frequently online during the 00:00 UTC to 08:00 UTC timeframe. There
> are quite a few people who have already applied to a team, you don't
> need to re-apply we will process all the pending applications.
> IMPORTANT: Please follow the application process
> and
> additionally note your available times on your wiki page. Having your
> wiki page listed on your LP page is also useful to aid us in finding
> your information.
> We look forward to your applications!
> Alan Bell
> on behalf of The IRC Council

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