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Alan Bell alanbell at
Fri May 4 20:39:07 UTC 2012

Hi all,
minutes of the team meeting from Wednesday are available here:

next week is the Ubuntu developer summit and we have set up the IRC 
channels for each room as has been traditionally done. To communicate 
this out to a wider audience we have set up a blog which is something we previously discussed doing 
and decided at the time that we didn't want to make announcements 
anywhere but on IRC first, and we didn't have anything to blog at the 
time. Now we do, so there it is, and on too. All 
announcements will continue to be made on IRC first (in some or all of 
#ubuntu-irc, #ubuntu-ops-team or #ubuntu-meeting), and the mailing list 
as appropriate.

The intake of operators for Lubuntu have completed their 
introductory/probation period

We will be doing a call for ops shortly across pretty much all core channels

We will be tweaking a bunch of access lists to line them up with the 
launchpad groups for the channels.

There will be a session at UDS on IRCC matters, I will let you know when 
this is scheduled.

We will be electing a new IRC council member this cycle, details on the 
election process will follow in the next week or two.

There was a proposal to set up an #ubuntu-discuss channel for on-topic 
non-support discussions about Ubuntu, we discussed this a bit and didn't 
come to a solid conclusion. If you have an opinion then please let it be 

#ubuntu+1 was reopened for discussions of Quantal Quetzal


I work at

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