IRCC team meeting on Sunday 29th 18:00 UTC

Alan Bell alanbell at
Fri Jan 27 10:13:06 UTC 2012

Hi all,

just a reminder about the team meeting on Sunday, we will be keeping 
this one to an hour, if we don't get through all the items some will be 
deferred to the next meeting. The agenda may be found at and will be updated 
somewhat between now and the meeting. Topics to cover will probably include:

Welcoming our new operators and planning the induction process.

The plan for the bots, including floodbots, eir like functionality and 
other features.

The timing of the IRCC meetings - there has been no visible support for 
the Saturday 11:00 UTC timeslot, should we change this?


The Open Learning Centre is rebranding, find out about our new name and look at

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