Meeting minutes

Alan Bell alanbell at
Sat Jan 14 13:57:23 UTC 2012

Thanks all who came along to this first meeting of the new council, it 
was quite an epic meeting, but we wanted to cover everything and didn't 
want to rush or defer anything. Future meetings will be shorter and if 
we have too much to cover we will be more inclined to defer items.

minutes in full are here:

Just this once, because it is so long, I will try and pick out some key 

The new IRCC is pici, topyli, funkyHat, AlanBell with AlanBell as chair
The Community Council will be helping us and we plan to fill the 5th 
post in the Q cycle
We have no open items in the IRCC private tracker
We reviewed the outstanding bugs assigned to the IRCC
The Floodbots will go through a managed process of being open sourced, 
we have set up and the code is in a 
private branch of that project. People interested in helping get the 
code reviewed and improved for eventual open release should contact the 
We discussed the #lubuntu onboarding process, there will be a separate 
mail about the applicants shortly and we will process that this week.
We will be arranging a training programme for the new ops, this might be 
something we can repeat in future if it is a success.
We will investigate moving the eir control channel to 
#ubuntu-ops-monitor in the short term and review how best to get the 
functionality we want from eir/floodbots/ubottu/other things.

One thing we didn't discuss was the 11:00 UTC timeslot that we have for 
this scheduled meeting. We have heard comments from plenty of people 
that it is inconvenient, I would like to know if anyone actually likes 
this time?


The Open Learning Centre is rebranding, find out about our new name and look at

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