downloading from virtual terminal is not working

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Wed Dec 5 16:16:15 UTC 2012

Thanks. It really works.
Regards.Adeel Ahmad

Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2012 09:09:59 +0000
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Subject: Re: downloading from virtual terminal is not working

    On 12/05/2012 07:18 AM, adeel ahmad


        I'm first time using LINUX . 
        I'm trying to download "git" using terminal,
          but the error comes like  "    E:
              Unable to locate package git   "
        My objective is to run QEMU. But i'm stuck in this
        Also when i tried to run "software updater", its gives a fault like "  failed to
              download repository information ".
        But my browser works fine (that's how i'm mailing you).
        I do not how to face it.



    Hi. Your probleme looks like  you have
      not downloaded updates yet.

      So type sudo apt-get update (1)

      and after that: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade (2)

      it weel enable all your source packages in /etc/apt/source.list

      From this moment you will be able to download all you want and
      even "git" :)


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