Motion to suspend eir

Matt Darcy ubuntu.lists at
Fri Sep 9 14:49:02 UTC 2011

On 09/09/2011 15:43, Juha Siltala wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> On Fri, Sep 9, 2011 at 16:32, Matt Darcy<ubuntu.lists at>  wrote:
>> Has this all now been resolved ?
>> I've seen discussion on changes being made to eir in the last meeting notes,
>> but has the motion to suspend eir until more people being happy with it
>> actually been discussed and resolved ?
> I don't think we actually discussed this particular motion at any
> length. Generally, we (the council) see eir as useful as it really is
> making us follow up on bans, add comments on them, and ultimately
> resolve them more effectively. We did try and identify the problems
> that we (the team) are having with the bot, and much of it seems to
> boil down to the ircreased bot activity in -ops-team. We then decided
> to try and fiddle with eir's configuration to find a good nag
> frequency that would be less annoying, without losing the benefits.


the changes made have been a vast improvement from what I've seen, the 
issue I see is that it was rushed into a production status with the call 
of "it's optional" which it turned out not to be, if you want to manage 
your bans you now have to use it, I don't believe it was put into 
production with requirements being set. From a discussion I had recently 
I believe we missed the oppertunity to test it that was given, which is 
disspointing from our own standpoint rather than a failure in the 
implmentation, and based on the discussions I've seen and had myself and 
the lists on this mail, I thought the discussions on suspending it, not 
removing it was worth while while we actually agreed a set of 
requirements and tried to implement them rather than try to work with 
and get conformtable with a moving goal post.

I have also been told ( but not read the full conversation so this is 
totally out of context ) that it is not an option to suspend eir so 
pointless having discussion about it - I hope this is not the case, but 
to be honest, I see no benifit in discussing it if this is the case.

As stated though, I won't mention eir again.


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