Vote to suspend Eir

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Fri Sep 9 13:44:03 UTC 2011

On Fri, Sep 9, 2011 at 9:42 AM, Matt Darcy
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> All,
> from the information I am being given it appears that the disucssion on
> suspending (not removing, just suspending) eir has not been resolved, so I
> am now asking for all members on the list to say yes or no to a temporary
> suspension of eir until more people are happy with it's config.
> I am not interested in discussion at this time, just guaging the desire of
> the users at his moment, a simple
> "yes" or "no"
> if the majority want no, then I guess this discussion is over and we need to
> work hard to making it usable now, if the majority wants yes, then lest
> suspend it, work out the issues and re-introduce when ready.

Look, I'm not bashing anything you're doing, or trying to muck up this
situation, but keep in mind we're not a democracy.

I also don't want to receive a bunch of emails just saying "yes" or "no".

Let's find a better way to resolve this and take it off the list.

> Matt
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