Translating the IRC guidelines is complicated.

Elián Hanisch lambdae2 at
Thu May 26 02:09:41 UTC 2011

When somebody translates the IRC Guidelines [1], because it's too specific 
around #ubuntu, it ends in something that might or might not be appropriate 
for the channel that needs the guidelines in its local language.
One has to either use a literal translation with the confusion it might cause, 
or invest extra effort in either rewrite the guidelines or adapt the English 

In #ubuntu-es, for years we have been using a literal translation where the 
translator replaced all the "#ubuntu" by "#ubuntu-es" and some other bits so 
at least it would mention the right channels, but this is not satisfactory.

We should try to agree in IRC guidelines where the wording isn't too specific 
to a particular channel and that can be safely used across all Ubuntu channels 
without modification.

I think this is important for the TOS page [2] because in a practical sense it 
isn't translated at all, the page itself *is* translated but important 
documents like CoC and the IRC Guidelines still point to their English 
versions in some translations. Translating the CoC is simple (is the same for 
every channel) but the IRC Guidelines as I said it isn't.

Thoughts? I ended up writing this mail after I tried investing that extra 
effort in getting #ubuntu-es guidelines right. But after thinking it for a bit 
I realized that it would be more beneficial for everyone if we all had the 
same guidelines.


~ m4v
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