Ubuntu IRC Council Meeting Minutes 2011-02-27

Nathan Handler nhandler at ubuntu.com
Wed Mar 2 02:57:28 UTC 2011

Hello everyone,

Here are the minutes from the Ubuntu IRC Council Meeting on 2011-02-27.

Nathan Handler

 * Meeting 2011-02-27

  * [TOPIC] Add eir to #ubuntu

   * Agree that we want eir, but we need to look into integration with
ubottu and the notices before adding it.

  * [TOPIC] Standing Items

   * No new bugs, and most actions from last meeting were completed

   * Outstanding Actions:

    * [ACTION] jussi to document thoughts on namespace limits

    * [ACTION] topyli to do stats for trial ubottu period (re: bug
parsing in #ubuntu)

   * [ACTION] nhandler to do post-meeting tasks

  * [TOPIC] Change Ubuntu IRC Members to restricted

   * Agree to make team restricted to help ensure that people follow
the membership procedure

   * [ACTION] nhandler to change Ubuntu IRC Members Team to
restricted, reject pending members, and update wiki and factoids

  * [TOPIC] Document expected behavior of people wearing ubuntu/member/* cloaks

   * rww was concerned about some behavior from Ubuntu Members taking
place outside of the Ubuntu namespace.

   * We agreed that Ubuntu Members represent Ubuntu and agree to
follow the Code of Conduct, and that a note about this on the wiki
might be helpful.

   * [ACTION] topyli to update wiki page

  * [TOPIC] #ubuntu-ops-team creation

   * Agree to create #ubuntu-ops-team and review it after 2 weeks

   * [ACTION] jussi to get channel sorted out and send out necessary

   * [ACTION] tsimpson to sort out the channel logging

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