IRC Council meeting minutes for 2011-06-11

Juha Siltala topyli at
Mon Jun 20 11:01:09 UTC 2011


Here are the minutes for our last meeting, held on June 11st, 2011 in

Attendance: elky, jussi, topyli

- Bug review: we only have #788503, which is pretty well in progress.
- Last meeting's actions: all done.

TOPIC: Review #ubuntu-ops-team
- Reviewing as agreed previously.
- The channel works, serves the purpose well.
- AGREED: Change review of #ubuntu-ops-team to quarterly.
- ACTION: jussi to fix calendar.
TOPIC: Add eir to #ubuntu
- Deferred to next meeting, due to both nhandler and tsimpson being

- One application, applicant absent. Deferred to next meeting.

Full log:

Juha Siltala

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