Ubuntu ops Co-ordination channel

Martin Meredith mez at ubuntu.com
Mon Feb 28 10:33:16 UTC 2011

On 24/02/11 13:07, Jussi Schultink wrote:
> Hi all,
> This morning in #ubuntu-ops we had a discussion about saying things
> which may be responses to baiting, or may actually bait the trolls
> themselves. Given that we are seeing an increase in trolls making
> complaints about operators pushing them to the limit by what has been
> said in #ubuntu-ops, and trolls reading #ubuntu-ops backlog just to
> see if they get a response to their trolling, I would like to again
> propose a co-ordination channel for the purpose of these discussions.
> This channel would be for all those who are +v'd in #ubuntu-ops, as
> well as relevent others as decided by the Ubuntu IRC Council. (this
> would make it possible to have ops from large loco channels and other
> channels with frequent problems included).
> It would need to be a CoC compliant channel (as per all Ubuntu IRC
> Channels) and would be privately logged for IRCC and CC viewing, in
> the case of dispute or accusation of impropriety. The channel would
> make it easier for channel operators to be prepared in-case of an
> attack or channel hopping troll.
> I hope all of this makes sense and I would really appreciate your
> thoughts on this. I am CC'ing the Community Council into this
> discussion, as it may be helpful to have their input here also.
Personally, I'm against this.  (I know, I'm responding after it's 
happened anyway).

You've previously enforced (rather vigourously) a "No Idlers" policy.  
If this is being enforced correctly - why is this channel required?

Also, "privately logged" in the case of "dispute or accusation of 

Yep, that's going to be easy. 1) No one can accuse as they can't see the 
contents and 2) Anyone making an "accusation" (wild guess) would have to 
rely on trusting those in charge to have actually acted on the 
accusation.  If they're making an accusation - they're unlikely to be 
particularly trusting.

To me, this smells of what will become a room where everything gets out 
of hand.  Who's going to impose the CoC on their fellow ops? Quis 
custodiet ipsos custodes?

Ok, mini rant over.  Though, I do have a fairly simple suggestion for 
resolving the issues I've bought up.

Why not make logs of the channel public, but only after say, a month?  
That means that the intial chatter from the channel being created would 
be available a month from today.  It'd mean that the people in that 
channel would still be held accountable at large for their actions, but 
would be able to discuss time-critical issues without fear of some form 
of backlash.

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