Talking about the new factoid plugin

Elián Hanisch lambdae2 at
Fri Aug 26 11:17:35 UTC 2011

Just letting everyone now that the plugin for replace Encyclopedia in ubottu 
is feature complete, supports factoids suggestions and mysql. There's still 
lot of other stuff to do before it lands in ubottu, however, you can test the 
new plugin in #ubuntu-bots-test, my devel bot is scratDev.

Documentation is here at the moment:

if you want to try the new method for request factoid editions you can do this 
with the --request switch, like:

!foo is bar --request
!no, foo is bar --request

if you do it from a query you will see scratDev announcing the request in the 
channel, you can then approve your own request with "@request approve <id>", 
this will work only if the command is send in #ubuntu-bots-test, public 
commands have edit privileges, commands from queries don't.

More commands regarding requests in the readme:

~ m4v
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