Bans without Comments in Ban Tracker to be Removed

Nathan Handler nhandler at
Mon Nov 1 21:27:52 UTC 2010

Hello everyone,

As I am sure most operators have seen, several of our ban lists
(especially the one for #ubuntu) have gotten quite full. Many of the
bans have been set for several months. Whenever the list has filled
up, the operators have been pinged in #ubuntu-ops to clean up the bans
that they have set. However, the list is still way too long. This is
why in one week on Monday, November 8, 2010 at around 23:59 UTC, we
will be going through and removing any ban in the Ban Tracker that
does not contain a comment (as agreed on at our last meeting). Some of
the users on the current ban list may very well need to be re-banned,
but this clean-up should help to clean up many old and stale bans that
are just sitting there doing nothing. Currently, approximately 872
bans in the Ban Tracker look like they will be affected by this

I would like to add that although only bans without comments are going
to be removed at this time, it is still the perfect opportunity for
operators to review all of their active bans/quiets and evaluate
whether or not they really still need to be there.

Nathan Handler
On Behalf of the Ubuntu IRC Council

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