what the floodbots are and are not for

Terence Simpson tsimpson at ubuntu.com
Sun Mar 28 19:18:08 UTC 2010

In case you wern't at the meeting today, I just wanted to just give a
"reminder" of what those bots are and are not.

The FloodBots are not operators, they are just code with no
common-sense, the operators in a channel with the bots should monitor
the bots (and be in the monitor channel too). The bots may mute someone
for flooding, but you still need to look out for repeat flooders/trolls,
and when the bots ban someone on notice one of the ops should really
start a dialogue with the user to see if it was an error.

Basically, the bots are just tools and they do make mistakes, it's the
job of the operators to monitor and correct their mistakes when
necessary and be the brain behind the bot.

Terence Simpson (tsimpson)

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