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Nathan Handler nhandler at
Thu Jun 10 21:09:55 UTC 2010

Hello everyone,

freenode is currently in the process of making several changes to
their webchat. In order to make sure that everyone is aware of these
changes, I am including the content of a recent blog post [1] below.
All channel operators should ensure that their bans will still work
once the changes are fully implemented. If you have any questions
about the changes that are being made, feel free to ask either myself
or another freenode staff member; we will be more than glad to answer
any questions that you might have.


Webchat has always presented an interesting problem, mostly for the
staff of various channels as well as the network itself, but
indirectly for all our users as well.  All webchat connections come
from the IP address of the webchat service.  This results in them
having to be handled a little bit differently from other connections.

To begin with, there needs to be a way for network or channel staff to
identify individual connections, as well as where they originated
from.  The way this has previously been handled is by encoding the IP
of the source (the IP someone uses to connect to the webchat) in
hexadecimal form in the ident field of the user.  The webchat users
are “cloaked” (that is, their real hostname, which would be that of
the webchat server, is replaced) with a unique string identifying the
connection.  This method allows channel staff to ban or quiet a
webchat user via the unique connection string, or via the ident

While this works, it’s confusing to many. The unique connection string
changes every time a user makes a new connection through webchat.
Therefore, we’ve changed how we do the cloaking so IPs are shown in
cloaks. This makes it much simpler for channel staff to see what is
going on, and who is who. For now, this change only applies to those
using the freenode webchat at The effect
is to change a cloak of the form
“gateway/web/freenode/x-iiqzrxiqfnnglqji” to the form

We would like to point out that this does not in any way reduce the
privacy of users of webchat: it has always been possible for anyone to
directly convert the encoded ident string back to an IP address. In
addition, the real hostnames of clients have always been visible
unencoded in the “whois” output for the user.

In addition, we will very soon be making a small but potentially
significant change to how the “ident” is shown. This has become
necessary so that, with future versions of our ircd, we can properly
limit connections per IP address via webchat. For a typical freenode
webchat user, the full hostmask now has the form
“~abcdef1 at gateway/web/freenode/ip.“. Many historical
webchat bans and quiets are set as
“*!~abcdef1 at gateway/web/freenode/*“. The change that we are making
will break these bans. We are removing the ~ from the ident for all
webchat connections (not just freenode’s webchat), giving us a full
mask of the form “abcdef1 at gateway/web/freenode/ip.“.

As such, channel ops are advised to adjust their bans into the form of
either “*!abcdef1 at gateway/web/freenode/*” or
“*!*@gateway/web/freenode/ip.” as soon as possible. This
change will be made within one hour of 1300 UTC on Fri, 11th June.

A further result of this change is that those hosts from which a large
number of legitimate users connect to freenode through the webchat
service may suffer refused connections due to breaching the limits. If
you find youself faced by an error of the form “Too many connections”,
please email iline at freenode dot net with details of the IP address
affected (which can be obtained from, the name of
the organisation, and the number of connections expected, so that we
can place a limit exemption. Please note that if you have a message of
the form “Gateway connections are currently blocked” or “Gateway
connections are currently being throttled”, this is a different matter
for which an I:line cannot help.

We hope that these changes make connections through the freenode
webchat easier to manage for channel ops and more transparent for all


Nathan Handler


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