Perhaps it would be wise to open #Ubuntu-LTS?

Terence Simpson tsimpson at
Tue Jun 8 10:14:01 UTC 2010

Jo-Erlend Schinstad wrote:
> I agree fully. I just don't understand why that would be in contrast
> to having a specialized channel for desktop LTS-releases. I also don't
> understand the "splitting up #ubuntu" argument. There is nothing wrong
> with being on two channels at the same time. Actually, it's quite
> common.
> Jo-Erlend
It's quite common for those of us who know what IRC is and use it often,
but for the average person looking for support and joins #ubuntu by
default, it's no so common.
It's also requires people to designate themselves as support givers
rather than support receivers, and join multiple channels based on what
they think they'll be able to support. Where as often people will be
looking for support, see a question they know the answer to and respond.
That's how new helpers emerge.

We'd also have to think about, do we need a #kubuntu-lts? How about
#ubuntu-netbook or #kubuntu-netbook? as the UI will be different from
the main editions. Is splitting up the support community going to
improve the support given or not?

What we really don't want is for #ubuntu to turn into some sort of
traffic centre, sending users to #ubuntu-xyx based on their question.

Terence Simpson

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