Robert Wall robertwall at ubuntu.com
Mon Jul 5 00:40:57 UTC 2010

On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 01:07:39PM +0300, Aviv Sapir wrote:
> Iney folks!
> each and everyone of you is welcome to #ubuntu-irc-helpers (freenode)
> this channel is for anyone who helps on one of the support channels (such as
> #ubuntu, #kubuntu etc...)
> the purpose of the channel is to make the IRC support
> more useful and efficient.
> it's sort of a backstage to the support channels, a place for helping the
> helpers.
> so join the channel and feel free to idle :)
> read more at:
> http://jussi01.com/?p=75
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/UbuntuIRCHelpers

Yup. It's been open for about five months now. Most days, nobody says 
anything. According to irclogs.ubuntu.com's logs, it averages 6 lines a 
day, only because people occasionally have conversations about 1) what 
the point of the channel is or 2) how the person who just wandered in 
should be asking their support question in #ubuntu. There are 
occasionally on-topic discussions, but I had trouble finding many when 
scrolling through the log.

As before this channel came into being, I'd advise people who help in 
support channels to join #ubuntu-offtopic (and possibly #ubuntu-meta,
#ubuntu-irc, etc., depending on their preferences), because that's where
metadiscussion about #ubuntu tends to actually happen. And, of course, 
there's little that can't be picked up by just lurking in your support 
channel of choice, which is how people have been learning optimal 
behavior in IRC channels for years ;)

~ Robert Wall (rww)

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