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Mon Feb 1 18:49:06 UTC 2010

On 02/01/10 12:55, Joseph Price wrote:
> As i tried (and i think failed) to explain at the meeting, i think a
> lot of stuff that happens in -ops doesn't need to happen there.
> Here:s a proposed plan of action from me..
> 1. Work with other users in /query as much as possible. - e.g. Don't
> kickbanforward users to -ops to deal with them there immediately. We
> want to try and keep things running as smoothly as possible and
> disrupt as few as possible.
I'm ok with this, the only issue i have with it is that /query
can't be proved if user has problems or an op that is being
harassed by user
> 2. Get a private, non-logged discussion channel for ops. You don't
> need to publically log your 'private messages'. Nobody should expect
> everything to be public. Get a channel people know exists.
> Transparency only needs to go so far. Talk about stuff there when
> advice etc is needed. Talk about currently happenning situations. Just
> be prepared to (publically) justify any public actions you make based
> on what is discussed there.. That's where we get transparency.
I like this idea. i noticed we have 2. Is there an objection
to use #ubuntu-irc for general/offtopic/non ops official
channel. Use -ops to handle user problems and use -irc for non
ops topics?
> 3. Open up -ops. Use it as a place where ops can be found. Use it to
> talk with users. Random chatter. Socialising, though encourage
> discussions on best practice etc. Engage the community!
See #2
> 4. Stop using -ops for group led dispute resolution. It is Too many
> people. Too many people on 'the opposing side'. If you feel you want
> to create a group discussion with a user, ask if that's ok with them,
> use a temporary channel. Its much less intimidating and there's noone
> to disrupt it.
> 5. Get decisions made. Of course there are some people we don't want
> to entertain.
> I hope that that is a suitable proposal that will satisfy the wants of
> both those for or against the current policy.

Hopefully this is at least a step in the right direction ;)

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