Minutes from the IRC Council meeting, Dec 11, 2010

Juha Siltala juha at siltala.net
Sun Dec 12 12:00:28 UTC 2010


Here are the minutes from yesterday's meeting.

Full log<http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/12/11/%23ubuntu-meeting.html#t20:01>

   - Volunteering for duties and time management within the IRCC
      - Brief discussion on delegation
   - Ubuntu IRC Council not responsible for all core channels
      - ACTION: jussi and Pici to draft proposal for inter-council
      co-operation to maintain project channels
   - Give ubottu editing privileges to all who are operators in a core
      - Decided by vote to give all ops in core channels editing rights,
      with the exception of those on probation
   - Add information on the recent increase of spam and that it should be
   ignored by users, to the #ubuntu topic
      - Decided by vote to add "ignore spam" info to #ubuntu topic
      - ACTION: Pici to add
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