Announcing Ubuntu IRC Membership

Nathan Handler nhandler at
Thu Dec 2 14:36:39 UTC 2010

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce that the Ubuntu IRC Council is now ready to
start accepting applications for Ubuntu IRC Membership [1]. The Ubuntu
IRC Members team represents the people who have made a significant
contribution to Ubuntu through the IRC medium. Applications to join
this team are done through a process [2] very similar to what you
might go through [3] to acquire membership from any other board or
council in the community.

Please remember, Ubuntu IRC Membership is a way for people to acquire
Ubuntu Membership for IRC contributions. Some examples of what these
might include are available on the wiki [4]. For more general
contributions, you should apply through a Regional Membership Board

By becoming an Ubuntu IRC Member, you gain all of the benefits [6]
granted by normal Ubuntu Membership as well as the privilege of voting
in various polls of the Ubuntu IRC community by becoming a member of
the ~ubuntu-irc-members team on Launchpad. This includes voting for
members of the Ubuntu IRC Council.

If you have any questions about Ubuntu IRC Membership, please feel
free to contact a member of the Ubuntu IRC Council [7].

Nathan Handler
On Behalf of the Ubuntu IRC Council


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