IRC Council Meetings Minutes: 14 August 2010

Nathan Handler nhandler at
Fri Aug 20 01:57:23 UTC 2010

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the delay in getting these minutes sent out.

IRC Council meeting, 14 August 2010 Attendance: nhandler, Pici,
topyli, jussi (for ~4 minutes)

* [TOPIC] Support channel bug parsing

  * No technical reason to have bug info fetching disabled in #ubuntu,
#kubuntu, and #xubuntu

  * Some concern about the added noise that the bug info will create
and about the possibility of the bug info leading to off-topic
discussion in the support channels.

  * [AGREED] Enable bug info retrieval in #xubuntu and #kubuntu for a
trial period and re-evaluate the issue at our next meeting. If
sucessful, expand trial to #ubuntu. If not, disable feature in #k and

  * [ACTION] topyli to grep the logs of #k and #x before the next
meeting to try and analyze the effect of having the bug info enabled

  * [ACTION] Pici to get bug info enabled in #kubuntu and #xubuntu

 * [TOPIC] Enabling Bot Features without discussion

  * Pici felt that the change to ubottu to send a ntoice to
#ubuntu-ops asking OPs to review bans set by FloodBots should have
been discussed on the mailing list and possibly at an IRC Council

  * There was general agreement among the council that more
communication about changes being made to the bots would be nice

  * [ACTION] topyli to contact the bot devel team about better communication

 * [TOPIC] bshellz

  * Briefly discussed the topic of bshellz blanket bans to deal with
troublesome users since the bshellz admins are not keen on "policing"
their users

  * [ACTION] nhandler to poke ikonia about sending an email to the ML
about the bshellz issue

 * [ACTION] nhandler to do post-meeting tasks

Full IRC Logs of the meeting can be found here:

Nathan Handler

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